Some Things are worth Waiting For

No one said waiting on the promise was easy. But enduring patience, building
patience is a work that must be accomplished. Because there are many times that
may come upon us suddenly that will try to turn us away from God; tear us away
from our focus. And these are the times when the appreciation or the art of waiting
become not only a necessity but a source of strength.

As we see in Saul, it delineates character, having the ability to wait patiently on God.
To not take matters in our own hands without knowing all the consequence. It may
seem all right today and tomorrow but when we lack patience, we often lead others
to lack patience. And ultimately this can cause a whole nation to stumble.

Prayer Note: – James 1:3-5

We are instructed to let patience have its perfect work. Perfect is an indication of
complete, full and precisely accurate. It makes no mistakes. As such I say, if you are
indeed feeling the stress of life’s situations, take a moment and absorb these words.

Grant me patience to endure all afflictions and sufferings. Comfort me in all
misfortunes and distress. Forgive me daily my sins and grant that I may thus continue
firm unto my soul’s salvation, and that I may, in the true and saving
faith and with a good conscience, serve Thee even unto