Stop! Be Still! A Moment to Reflect


Stop! Stand Still! Listen!

These are three, four even, simple phrases. I’ll add Hush, to them as well. They invoke powerful thoughts especially when you hear them spoken aloud. Clear and concise instructions, even when read aloud they call a certain pause, a moment to process more information. It forces the listener take a breath to say – what?

What’s next? What’s forthcoming? What am I waiting for?
What are you waiting on? More questions…
What’s the problem? What is your problem? What are you depending on?

All of these thoughts can and often do arise within seconds of the breath behind – stop! Be quiet! Stand still! They loom even larger when accompanied by the phrase, “Know that I am God.” Or the more telling statement, “See the salvation of the Lord.”

These three thoughts give an inference something is about to happen. Even as impatience quickly questions, what?
In an immediate after thought, what comes behind rest? There must be an expectation met if I’m supposed to stop. In fact most, if they’re to hold what you got, expect to know why, and, what’s forthcoming?

The best answer I offer is… Only God Knows.

I don’t know. Your minister doesn’t know. Nobody knows what God has provided for your situation (specifically), but God; or more expressly like God. Some might have a clue or there might be an inclination based on prior experience. Yet ultimately, the answer lies in the personal communication between you and He.

The reasons you’re hearing stop – could be simple, it could be something prudent. Or it could be something more in-depth and spiritual. The only way to find out is to actually – Stop! Shut up! and Listen!
Be Still!

Actually, I would add, be patient. Understand, enduring and endurance is not what some would equate as being lazy. Nor does it mean accepting the seeds of doubt or feeling of misuse. Endurance means, approach with patience, caution, reverence (respect) for the situation.You might think of it as slow down! You’re going too fast. Danger ahead! Read the signs! There’s important information here.

Like when your body says, you’re doing too much. But you don’t listen.
You’re in the wrong lane. But refuse to adjust.
Proceed with caution. And still some blow right past the sign.
Until, that is, we meet the cop along the way that forces us to take account.

There it’s easy to recall, yet often more costly, to – Stop! Stand Still! Listen!

That being said, please remember, we all need rest. So today, take a moment to relax and appreciate the signs of life. Chances are if you’re hearing them, it’s more likely, you’ll see an opportunity in them for you to –

Be blessed.

This exhortation inspired by, Exodus 14:13

The words excerpted of a thought completed at the Lion’s Well

courtesy of
Bread for Adversity

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