BBfile1031309674574The CN Life Initiative, through this foundation, is an effort focused on a singular objective, Building and developing the strength of Christ’s body (in present).

Established under the corporate umbrella-the CN Life Foundation, the partnerships that comprise this effort are here to support and encourage LIFE (Living in Freedom Everyday). Under meticulous planning and with strict accounting management, through The SEED Life Funding Initiative, administrative and appropriation of foundation resources and efforts is handled by the CN Life Ministries team.

Assets under foundation management, for building, maintenance – sustenance of growth in developing the body of Christ vision are received and distributed through the SEED Life Sowing Circle;

Representing one corporate body, these entities are the fabric of  CN Life – The Ministry and Foundation. A powerful collective, built on a single concept; “Life is the gift, True Love  compels you to pass it on“. We are one team, sharing a conviction, a whole purpose as part of the connected body. Our voice, Our Faith, Our resources we share – to assist others in seeing the message God spoke in the beginning “Let Us make man in our image…” the image designed by God to reflect His glory.

This site is your gateway to the companies, brands and partnerships that allow the CN Life vision to go forward. You are hereby invited to bookmark this page as you browse the collective entities. We also invite you to follow our development strategies online through our Inspirational Blog.

Feel free to return periodically as we grow our ministering and outreach efforts.