A Ray of Hope

Psalm 119:49 – Remember your word to your servant by which you caused me to…

  • The (NET Bible) records it “… you have given me hope.”
  • The Expanded Bible (EXB) notes it – (v.49) … it gives me hope. (v.50) When I suffer, this comforts me: Your promise gives me life.

Today’s breath of life is your reminder no matter how dark it seems you still have a road out of your situation. Remember though, you can’t see what you’re not looking for.

Don’t give up or in, thinking this depth is too high for you to overcome or your promise too far to reach. You are precious to the Lord. And though we wander in the distance at times, if we lose our way, a simple call and There is (if only a spec in the moment) a ray of light to show you There is – You have a way out. There is a way up. This sickness is not unto death (John 11:4) but for the glory of God… life eternally with Him in His Son.

If you are troubled, with plagues (sick), today you have a ray of hope. Not that the sun ever stopped shining though sometimes clouds get in the way. Sometimes the shade hinders your focus. This short prayer is your tool to render that moment mute. Six short words –

Remember Your Word to Your Servant.

Lord remember you made us. You brought us… You gave your Son for us. We are yours eternally…

Lord –
Isaiah 43:26 (He instructs you) “Put me in remembrance let us argue together…

I know you haven’t forgotten but I feel there is a great distance, a chasm that I may have caused but remember me Lord. (In the words of the thief (Luke 23:42) – Remember me! (when you come into your kingdom)

Don’t just look around the dark and surrender all you’ve grown. You may have forgotten but his hands made the sun to shine. Call him and you will look on your answer – you don’t have go through another night alone. Allow him to spark a ray of hope – a path to the place he promised you are destined to be.