Germinating beansThe Seed Life Sowing Circle, referred to in the shortened name SEED Life, is established for one purpose – to forge partnerships and develop life in the fertile ground of others. Under the LIFE (Living in Freedom Everyday) acronym and the SEED (Sow Equip Encourage Disciple) principles; we are formed to sow life (empowerment) into present and future ministers of the gospel of Christ and the works of the Word of God.

Our program is formed, by purpose, for members to aid one another and our partnering ministers financially, spiritually – in faith and study, training and prayer. As iron sharpens iron we are preparing one another for the present work and works ahead.

  • This is accomplished with cooperative tithing and offerings; the financial and laborious
  • This is also accomplished  with intercession and prayer partnering; one in the Spirit of God
  • It is further accomplished with provision sharing amongst partners – to aid the gospel going forward in all areas.

The Seed Life Sowing Circle (SLSC) is a partner of CN Life Ministries.

We are an independently managed subsidiary of the financial groups of the CN Life Foundation.
Our corporate governance statements are available for public view by request. Click Here to learn more.