New Years Blessing - The First Signs of Growth

New Years Blessing – The First Signs of Growth

Seeing The Promise of Bearing Fruit:

2014, I will confess, was full of labors. Everyday tasks with lifetimes of implications, if I were to minister to yesterday’s issues – 2014 was a work. Yet hearing and receiving in faith, I speak it today. The first breaths of a new year – Celebrate! Beyond the revelry and parties rejoice! I rejoice as in seeing the first blades of grass. The seed, the sweat, the stirrings and turmoil – 2015 has arrived and brings with it a booming harvest. Initiatives sown have taken root and now we’re seeing the first shoots of what’s to come. CN Life is bearing fruit.

The fruit of faith and perseverance; the dedication even wavering and questions – the choice to sow seeds is ready and producing a harvest. As we walk into a new year, you walk with us. We walk in agreement, in the power of faith. Today we celebrate!

Beyond Happy New Year, I speak and concur, with the blessing God has spoken over all life. Be Fruitful and Multiply!

Not merely addition, but swelling for the flight. I challenge you to take your faith and subdue the jungles that have not heard the word in your life. Produce!

Bear Fruit! Today is the first moments of an opportunity to see the hint of what God has promised and delivered. You will have the good of the land. The Good of the land is yours. Forgetting past ways, what do you choose to do with it today?

Receive the blessing of CN Life and Me personally in Faith! Be fruitful and watch God multiply!