Share Your Testimony – No Private Victory!

testimony-victory-over-devilGo Bold!

People believe you have to conquer the enemy within before you challenge the devil with out.  Let me submit to you. To conquer the darkness within all you have to do is shed a little light on the situation. Let God do what he promises, provide all you need according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. Tell the world! I’m struggling with pride. I’m hurting with lust… People are quick to testify I made it. But you can’t leave out the best part. In the middle of it GOD CAME THROUGH. God changed some things. This wasn’t a decision I came to on my own. When fear took me from everyone who might have cared, GOD answered me with a thought. Go Big or Go Home!

Go Bold! Declare – I’ve got the victory! The seven habits of effectual people tends to make people believe they have to handle issues all themselves. Yet I assure you, privately, if you don’t ask for help; if you think that I can keep going on and I’ll find my way to the end. The end you reach may not be the end you’re looking forward to.  You may not want to share your faith with others. you might be afraid to tell the real story for fear of reprisal. Let me assure you, if you won’t. You’re missing an opportunity to empower others to Go Big and Go Bold! That’s what it means to be proactive. Before you get the end in mind, you’ve got to make a decision. Am I willing to Go Big? Am I willing to tell the whole story? Am I willing to take my victory public? Enduring whatever doubt or persecution comes my way, am I willing to share my story? Take your victory public!

Make your victory known today.

The Bread for Adversity – ISBN 9781496153029