Thinking higher: Tests to Take

Wisdom Quotes, Sirach 2:1

If you come forward to serve the LORD prepare yourself for temptation, – Also (James 1:2-4, 12-15)

The question is posed, who wants a million dollars? With little hesitance many hands are raised. Given it’s purpose and a conceivable reward, many would still find conditions favorable for acceptance. Yet if I told you, you had to walk through the wilderness to get it, many would turn away. Some feeling it’s not worth the risk. Others, fearing the consequence of failure… Many without seeing – the trial isn’t just a test. It’s your measuring stick.

The fierceness of the battle is your proof you’re nearly there. The skirmishes were merely a distraction to keep you from the Promised Land, from coming forward. You want to go forward, Advance! God is calling you higher. Advance! You tests are not a sign of unworthiness. It’s proof you are getting there. Don’t get afraid and turn back now. Don’t get discouraged during the process and start looking back. Where you are is on the road to where you’re going. What you’re becoming is… God’s servant, A Servant of the Lord with God’s authority to speak! To do! To make things happen.

If you choose to answer this call, don’t be impatient. Don’t be afraid! Expect temptations! Expect distractions, infirmities, insurrections, divisions, strife; expect turmoil to proceed. It happens!  you need to know. It’s part of the process of removing some (-ites) from the land.

The Hittites Jebusites, Amorites; all things that are not of the LORD must be dispossessed. All people, that are not hearing or seeing what God has appointed for you, have to disappear for you to grow, to come forward.

For you to Go Higher, to think higher, tests must be run. ( Go Paul) Tests must be taken. (Endure James) In order to proceed you have to pass. In order to pass you have to know The Answer! Jesus is the Way, The truth and The Light.

You received a call? It’s time to Prepare for Action!