A Natural Spring


Hint of Water

A Hint of Water

There is a well of hope and eternity inside,
Some bury it with pride and prejudice
Perhaps arrogance or influenced by the concept of lacking
Needing what, wanting more, it’s all provided.
It’s all promised

A provided spring
A peaceful brook
A well of water
The storm may come
The tiger may prey
The day may darken but there is hope inside
I may yet wait.

Procrastinate for a breath I can ease myself into giving in giving up or

Surely wanting the best for me I should not be denied
Tried in my sinfulness
I surrender
I die but a voice inside says
There is tomorrow
There is today

Yesterday is committed do you desire to live refreshed?
I will I shall
Drink from the eternal spring
Lay at the quiet brook
I know there is water
And I believe there is life
He sets His eyes on me